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Prof. Ahmad Yousefian Darani (University of Mohaghegh Ardabili)
Cyclic DNA Codes over ${F}_2+u{F}_2+u^2{F}_2$
* Thursday 27 June 2019,   14:15,   M3 (M234)
In this talk we study the structure of cyclic DNA codes of even length over the ring ${F}_2+u{F}_2+u^2{F}_2$ where $u^3=0$. We investigate two presentations of cyclic codes of even length over ${F}_2+u{F}_2+u^2{F}_2$ satisfying the reverse constraint and the reverse-complement constraint.
ANTA Seminar

Alex Karrila (Aalto)
Conformally invariant scaling limits of random curves and correlations
Friday 26 July 2019,   12:00,   M1 (M232)
Further information
This dissertation studies mathematically the highly symmetric emergent structures in continuum limits of critical statistical-physics models. The results are formulated in terms of random curves and correlations.

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