Department of Mathematics and Systems Analysis


Bachelor's level studies

The Department of Mathematics and Systems Analysis is responsible for a bachelor's level major and three minors. These programmes are within the Aalto School of Science and fit into the following degree structure:

Teknistieteellinen kandidaattiohjelma (Bachelor's Programme in Science and Technology)
(Most of the material is in Finnish, which is the language of the Bachelor's Programme in Science and Technology.)

Here is some information on how to apply.

Here are sample yearly model study schedules.

The department also actively participates in following the English language degree programme:

Aalto Bachelor's Programme in Science and Technology (Not to be confused with the programme with the same name in Finnish).

Bachelor's seminar

The students are encouraged to start the bachelor's seminar in their second year of study. There will be a meeting in the beginning of the calender year for those who are interested in summer trainee positions at the department. Information about the bachelor's seminar can be found on mycourses with code sci3029.


The minors offered by the Department of Mathematics and Systems Analysis are open to all Aalto University students. They are:

Current information

Details on the current academic year's courses are available on our courses page.

Contact people for the bachelor's programme:

Professors Harri Ehtamo (systems analysis) and Juha Kinnunen (mathematics).

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