Department of Mathematics and Systems Analysis

Department of Mathematics and Systems Analysis

The five main research areas of the Department are: algebra and discrete mathematics; analysis; applied mathematics and mechanics; stochastics and statistics; systems analysis and operations research. We offer major and minor studies at the bachelor's and master's level and provide doctoral research training. Our graduates have been recruited by universities, research institutes, governmental agencies as well as companies in the financial, energy and transportation sectors, for instance.


18.10. 12:15  Stavros Evdoridis: Bohr's inequality for harmonic mappings – M3 (M234)

20.10. 14:15  Tuomas Hytönen (Helsinki): The matrix-weighted frontier of sharp norm inequalities – M3 (M234)

20.10. 15:15  Jia Huilian (Aalto Xián Jiaotong University): Global regularity of elliptic p-Laplace equation on convex domain – M3 (M234)

25.10. 12:15  Dmitry A. Trotsenko (Sobolev Institute of Mathematics): TBA – M3 (M234)

26.10. 12:30  Prof. Roland Griesmaier (University of Wuerzburg): Uncertainty principles for far field patterns an applications to inverse source problems – M2 (M233)

27.10. 12:00  Lauri Mustonen, Prof. Roland Griesmaier (Wuerzburg): Approximations and surrogates for computational inverse boundary value problems – M1 (M232)

31.10. 15:00  Prof. Lothar Nannen (TU Wien): Numerical methods for resonance problems in open systems – U1

1.11. 12:15  David Radnell (Aalto University): Model of the Teichmuller space of genus-zero bordered surfaces by period maps – M3 (M234)

8.11. 12:15  Laura Venieri (University of Helsinki): TBA – M3 (M234)

14.11. 11:15  Alessandro Mancuso (Aalto University): Bayesian approach for safety barrier optimization – M205

14.11. 11:15  Alessandro Mancuso: TBA – M205

14.11. 11:40  Edoardo Tosoni: TBA – M205

14.11. 12:15  Vilma Virasjoki: Decision Models of Energy Markets for Investment and Policy Analysis – M205

15.11. 12:15  Lauri Hitruhin (University of Helsinki): TBA – M3 (M234)


Negin Karimi (University of Mohaghegh Ardabili, Iran) 31.7.2017–31.1.2018

Damir Arov 15.8.–11.11.

Huilian Jia (Xián Jiaotong University) 4.9.2017–31.10.2018

Juha Videman (Instituto Superior Técnico (IST), Lissabon) 11.9.–10.11.

Daniele Boffi ( 12.9.–10.11.

Dmitry A. Trotsenko (Sobolev Institute of Mathematics) 1.10.–29.10.

Dafni Galia (Concordia University) 7.10.–13.10.

Valentina Candiani (University of Genova) 1.11.2017–31.10.2019

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