Department of Mathematics and Systems Analysis

Department of Mathematics and Systems Analysis

The five main research areas of the Department are: algebra and discrete mathematics; analysis; applied mathematics and mechanics; stochastics and statistics; systems analysis and operations research. We offer major and minor studies at the bachelor's and master's level and provide doctoral research training. Our graduates have been recruited by universities, research institutes, governmental agencies as well as companies in the financial, energy and transportation sectors, for instance.


28.11. 15:15  Prof. Kari Astala (Aalto University): Random tilings, variational problems and the Beltrami equation. – U1

1.12. 14:15  Ella Tamir (Helsinki): TBA – M3 (M234)

1.12. 15:15  Casimir Lindfors: On the degenerate two-phase Stefan problem – M3 (M234)

12.12. 11:15  Matias Heikkilä: On multivariate separating Hill estimator under estimated location and scatter – M205

12.12. 11:40  Joona Karjalainen: Moment-based parameter estimation in random intersection graphs – M205

12.12. 12:15  Alex Karrila: Uniform spanning trees, scaling limits, and conformal invariance – M205

19.12. 12:15  Dr David Cushing (Durham University): Ollivier-Ricci idleness functions of graphs – M2 (M233)


Negin Karimi (University of Mohaghegh Ardabili, Iran) 31.7.2017–31.1.2018

Huilian Jia (Xián Jiaotong University) 4.9.2017–31.10.2018

Emil Sköldberg (NUI Galway) 8.9.–29.12.

David Cushing (Durham University) 17.12.–22.12.

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