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Laskutupa (mathematics tutoring lab)

Laskutupa is closed in Period V

Laskutupa will be:
  • open for period IV, 2.03 - 12.04, 2022
  • on campus and online
  • operating as per the schedule below

  1. On campus, Y190c, Otakaari 1.
  2. On-line uisng the Aalto hosted zulip. Sign in using your Aalto credentials. 

  • 10 - 16/18 Monday - Friday
  • See the detailed schedule below

  • Laskutupa is a free help centre primarily aimed at students in the basic mathematics courses (MS-A) although students from any mathematics courses are welcome to come for help.
  • The tutoring room and zulip are staffed with tutors per the schedule below.
  • The tutors can help you with general concepts and difficulties you may have understading the lecture materials. They will also help you solve exercises by guiding you towards a solution. But please don't expect them to solve your exercises for you. Also note that tutors can not be expected to be immediately familiar with the details of every course. See below for information on which tutors have exepertise in which advanced courses.
Contact: David Radnell, M223, Otakaari 1,

Detailed Schedule: (updated 1.03.2022)

Period IV, 2.03 - 12.04, 2022

Black = on campus in room Y190c, Otakaari 1
Blue = online in zulip

 Weeks 9-15  MON TUE WED THU FRI
 10-11 TL       MM       GM VS TL        
 11-12 TL       MM       GM VS TL        
 12-13     EM MM       SP SP GM
 13-14     EM MM HO SP SP GM
 14-15      EM        HO TR         HO EM        
 15-16     VS SL     TR         HO  
 16-17 SL VS SL       TR          
 17-18 SL         TR          

Note! Each tutor has one or more superpowers. It is advisable, if possible, to target a tutor whose superpower is helpful in solving your problem!
Tutors and their superpowers:

EL = Eeli Lamponen (M, T, L, R, O)
EM = Eija Myötyri (M, L, D)
GM = Georg Metsalo (M, D, T, S)
HO = Hannu Ojanen (M, K, R, T)
HP = Heikki Pokela (M, L)
MM = Markku Malmivuori (M, K, L, T)
MR = Mikael Reichler (M, T, N, St)
SL = Sami Londén (M, D)
SP = Sami Piippo (M, K)
TL = Tuomas Lebedeff (M, L, R, T, St)
TM = Tommi Malmelin (M, L, O, R, E)
TR = Tommi Raita (M)
TT = Teemu Tasanen (M, T, K, L, O, E, D)
VS = Ville Saarikivi (M)

M = matematiikka (differentiaali- ja integraalilaskenta 1 - 3, matriisilaskenta)
T = todennäköisyyslaskenta ja tilastotiede
K = complex analysis
L = lineaarialgebra ja differentiaaliyhtälöt
O = partial differential equations
R = Fourier-analyysi
E = Metric spaces
D = diskreetti matematiikka
N = numeeriset menetelmät ja Matlab
St= stochastic processes
S = svenskspråkig

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