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Research reports

This is a list of the most recent research reports of the Department of Mathematics and Systems Analysis. The report series A and C and were replaced in the beginning of 2011 by the Science + Technology series. Requests for a paper copy can be sent to math[A]aalto_fi.

Helsinki University of Technology Institute of Mathematics Reports C

Ari-Pekka Perkkiö
Workshop on Non-Semimartingale Techniques in Mathematical Finance 2009 – Abstracts   [pdf][ps]
Received 2009-05-25 * stochastics, conference abstracts * AMS 60-06 * 38 pages
Timo Eirola, Olavi Nevanlinna, Santtu Ruotsalainen
Workshop on numerics in dynamical systems, TKK, April 23–25, 2009; Abstracts   [pdf]
Received 2009-04-22 * numerical analysis, dynamical systems, conference abstracts * AMS 65-06 * 33 pages
Timo Eirola, Juho Könnö, Toni Lassila, Antti H. Niemi, Rolf Stenberg (editors)
Perspectives in numerical analysis, TKK, May 27–29, 2008   [pdf][ps]
Received 2008-05-23 * numerical analysis, conference abstracts * AMS 65-06 * 50 pages
Timo Eirola, Ville Havu, Antti-Pekka Jauho, Jan von Pfaler (editors)
Computational Problems in Physics 2005 - Group Reports   [pdf][pdf.gz]
Received 2005-09-22 * computational physics, mathematics * AMS 65-06, 65Z05 * 82 pages
Alexander Yu. Veretennikov
On approximations of diffusions with equilibrium   [pdf][ps] abstract: [pdf][ps]
Received 2004-10-19 * stochastic differential equations, diffusions, discretisation, euler scheme, ergodicity * AMS 60-01, 60H10, 60J05, 60F10, 60H35, 60J05 * 28 pages
Tuomas Hytönen
R-boundedness and multiplier theorems   [pdf][ps]
Received 2000-04-23 * Fourier-multiplier, R-boundedness, UMD-space, Schauder decomposition, martingale, Hilbert transform, Riesz projection, Rademacher functions * AMS 42B15 (Primary), 42A61, 46B09, 46B15, 46E40, 60G42 (Secondary) * 140 pages

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