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New hourly paid teachers of mathematics and systems analysis for fall 2024

8. April 2024

The Department of Mathematics and Systems Analysis is seeking

New hourly-paid teachers in Mathematics and Systems Analysis for fall term 2024.

Your tasks include teaching in exercise groups and grading exercises and exams.

Regarding teaching in mathematics, we expect the applicants to have completed at least 20 credits of mathematical studies at university level with good grades. Regarding teaching in systems analysis (courses MS-C/E2xxx), we expect the applicants to have completed the course they would like to teach. If you have previous experience in teaching, it is considered as an advantage, but is not necessary. This is a part-time job (2-4 hours/week). The salary is 30-40 euros/teaching hour based on your education level.

Grading exercises and exams will be (typically) compensated separately (300-400 euros depending on your education and the course level).

Read carefully! If you are not working for Aalto at the moment you apply, fill in the application form here. If you are working for Aalto at the moment you apply, you have to apply as an internal candidate via Workday, see instructions Sisäisen työpaikan hakeminen | Aalto-yliopisto.

Attach an open motivation letter, a cv and a transcript of records as one PDF file.

Deadline for the applications is Monday 6 May 2024.

Based on the applications, we will invite some of the applicants for a web interview.

More information: 

Note: if you have previously worked as an hourly-based teacher at the MS Department, you have received a separate link from johanna.glader(at) 



Summer internships at the department in 2024

10. January 2024
The summer internship application period has started and you will find the job ad here.

The deadline is on 25 January at 23:59 EET (UTC+2).

Summer intern information session on 11.1.

20. December 2023
The department summer intern info session will be held on 11 January at 12.15-14 in C hall, where the research groups will introduce themselves.

The summer intern positions will become available on 10 January 24.

Open position: Doctoral Researchers in Mathematics, Operations Research, and Statistics

5. December 2023

We are now looking for several

Doctoral Researchers in Mathematics, Operations Research, and Statistics

The doctoral researchers will work within one of the department’s main research areas:

  • Algebra and Discrete Mathematics
  • Analysis
  • Mathematical Physics
  • Maths & Arts
  • Numerical Analysis
  • Operations Research and Systems Analysis
  • Statistics and Mathematical Data Science

Public defence in Systems and Operations Research, M.Sc. (Tech) Juha Mäntysaari

23. October 2023

Multiobjective optimization boosts energy-smart decision making 

Have you ever had to make a decision in which you need to take into account several criteria? Such decision making situations in everyday life can be, for example, buying a new home or a car. In addition to the purchase cost, criteria such as driving comfort and safety can affect the car selection. Operations Research is a discipline that studies decision making, where multicriteria problems can be examined with multiobjective optimization. In practice, multiobjective problems often evolve over time, such as the heating of a house or the regulation of a lake-river system. In his dissertation, Juha Mäntysaari approaches these types of dynamic multiobjective optimization problems by developing suitable solution methods, such as price coordination and goal programming methods. The challenge of the owner of an electrically heated house is to find the best way to use heating when electricity price can vary strongly during the day. The goal is to identify the optimal daily heating profile in terms of heating costs and living comfort. In the lake-river regulation problem, the dynamics is created by the changing in-flow of water over time and the temporal variation in the value of the electricity produced. The multiobjective problem arises from the combined optimization of flood risks caused by the varying water levels and the value of the energy produced. In the dissertation, Juha Mäntysaari has studied the use of the house as a heat storage which allows to transfer the use of electricity for heating to cheaper hours by adjusting the desired indoor temperature, for example, during the night. This activity is a way to implement demand side management in electricity markets. Similar demand side management approaches can be implemented on a larger scale within consumer groups or in process industries. The dissertation also examines demand side management in process industry by using price coordination between production planning systems and energy management systems. The overall solution procedure is based on the exchange of energy price and consumption data signals between the systems. It is shown that this can lead to a better overall solution. The environmental management case considered in the dissertation is a multiobjective optimization model developed for the regulation of the Päijänne-Kymijoki lake-river system in Finland.

Contact details:

Puhelinnumero  +358 50 332 5247

Doctoral theses in the School of Science:

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