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Stephen Moore (IMPAN)
Representations of the Reflection Equation Algebra
* Tuesday 28 May 2024,   10:15,   M3 (M234)
The reflection equation was introduced in relation to quantum integrable systems with boundary condition and is closely related to the Yang-Baxter equation. The reflection equation algebra was in turn introduced to allow the algebraic study of solutions of the reflection equation, similar to the connection between quantum groups and the Yang-Baxter equation. We will describe the basic properties of the reflection equation algebra and explain the classification of its bounded *-representations. This is based on joint work with Kenny De Commer.

Joonas Vättö
Midterm review presentation
* Friday 31 May 2024,   10:15,   elsewhere

Patricija Sapokaitė
Midterm review: TBA
* Friday 31 May 2024,   13:15,   M2 (M233)
Algebra and discrete mathematics seminar

Prof. Sueli I. R. Costa (Unicamp, Brazil)
On lattices applied to coding for reliable and secure communications
Monday 03 June 2024,   13:15,   M2 (M233)
This talk aims to present a general approach to some lattice applications in communications emphasizing topics we have been working on recently as well others of interest. Those are related to spherical codes, index coding, multilevel coding/ decoding, Construction Pi-A from Hurwitz quaternions, twisted embeddings in lattice based cryptography and federated learning.
ANTA Seminar / Hollanti et al.

Philine Schiewe
Optimization - A first look (2x45min)
Thursday 06 June 2024,   14:15,   M2 (M233)
In this seminar, we will revisit various key areas of mathematical optimization. Starting from linear optimization and classical solution approaches exploiting the polyhedral feasible sets, we will continue to mixed-integer linear programming. Here, solution approaches from linear programming can be transferred in the context of cutting-plane and branch-and-bound methods striving towards integral polyhedra. As a special case of mixed-integer linear programs, we consider combinatorial optimization. Classical combinatorial optimization problems contain both polynomially solvable problems such as matchings and minimum spanning trees as well as many famous NP-hard problems such as the traveling salesperson problem and maximum cut. As a second generalization of linear programming, we consider semidefinite optimization. Here, we see how combinatorial optimization problems can be approximated by semidefinite programs and have a look at interior-point-based solution approaches.
ANTA Seminar / Hollanti et al.

Matematiikan kandiseminaari (Bachelor thesis seminar in Math.)
Tuesday 11 June 2024,   09:00,   M3 (M234)
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Okko Makkonen
Midterm review: TBA
Thursday 13 June 2024,   11:15,   M3 (M234)
ANTA Seminar / Hollanti et al.

Matematiikan kandiseminaari (Bachelor thesis seminar in Math.)
Wednesday 19 June 2024,   09:00,   M3 (M234)
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Ryosuke Sato (Chuo University)
Tuesday 25 June 2024,   10:15,   M3 (M234)

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