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Research reports by Olavi Nevanlinna

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Aalto University publication series Science + Technology

ST 11/2011
Olavi Nevanlinna
Multicentric representation and von Neumann spectral sets   [pdf]
Received 2011-05-25 * von Neumann spectral sets, K-spectral sets, lemniscates, multicentric representation, Jacobi series, Riesz spectral projections * AMS 47A25, 30B99, 47A60 * 12 pages

Helsinki University of Technology Institute of Mathematics Reports C

Timo Eirola, Olavi Nevanlinna, Santtu Ruotsalainen
Workshop on numerics in dynamical systems, TKK, April 23–25, 2009; Abstracts   [pdf]
Received 2009-04-22 * numerical analysis, dynamical systems, conference abstracts * AMS 65-06 * 33 pages

Helsinki University of Technology Institute of Mathematics Research Reports A

Olavi Nevanlinna
Multicentric Holomorphic Calculus   [pdf][ps]
Received 2010-11-25 * Jacobi series, spectrum, holomorphic functional calculus, polynomial numerical hull * AMS 30B99, 32E30, 34L16, 47A10, 47A60 * 21 pages
Olavi Nevanlinna
Upper bounds for R-linear resolvents   [pdf][ps]
Received 2010-09-21 * real linear operator, resolvent operator, spectrum * AMS 47A10 * 8 pages
Kui Du, Olavi Nevanlinna
Minimal residual methods for solving a class of R-linear systems of equations   [pdf][ps]
Received 2010-05-06 * R-linear GMRES, equivalent real formulation, spectral analysis * AMS 65F10, 15A18 * 12 pages
Olavi Nevanlinna
Computing the spectrum and representing the resolvent   [pdf][ps]
Received 2009-04-08 * resolvent operator, spectrum, polynomial numerical hull, numerical range, semidecidable, quasialgebraic operator, residue calculus, perturbation * AMS 47A10, 47A12, 47A66 * 21 pages
Olavi Nevanlinna
Resolvent and polynomial numerical hull   [pdf][ps]
Received 2008-05-13 * resolvent operator, spectrum, polynomial numerical hull, numerical range, quasialgebraic operator, Riesz projection * AMS 47A10, 47A12, 47A66 * 14 pages
Olavi Nevanlinna
Circlets and diagonalization of real linear operators   [pdf][ps]
Received 2007-04-13 * real linear operators, circlets, noncommutative scalars * AMS 15A33, 47S10 * 48 pages
Jarmo Malinen, Olavi Nevanlinna, Zhijian Yuan
On a tauberian condition for bounded linear operators   [pdf][ps] abstract: [pdf][ps]
Received 2004-05-18 * Power bounded, Ritt resolvent condition, tauberian theorem * AMS 47A10, 40E05, 47A30, 47D03 * 10 pages
Jarmo Malinen, Olavi Nevanlinna, Ville Turunen, Zhijian Yuan
A lower bound for the differences of powers of linear operators   [pdf][ps] abstract: [pdf][ps]
Received 2004-03-18 / Revised 2004-05-18 * Berkani's conjecture, quasi-nilpotent linear operator, differences of powers, decay * AMS 47A30, 47D03, 47A10, 30C45 * 10 pages
Olavi Nevanlinna
Resolvent conditions and powers of operators   [pdf][pdf.gz]
Received 1999-12-30
Saara Hyvönen, Olavi Nevanlinna
Robust bounds for Krylov method   [pdf][ps]
Received 1998-11-30 * Krylov methods, meromorphic functions, resolvent operator * AMS 47A10, 65F10
Olavi Nevanlinna
Growth of Operator Valued Meromorphic Functions   [pdf][ps]
Received 1997-12-30 * meromorphic functions, resolvent operator, perturbation theory * AMS 30G30, 47A10, 47B10

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