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Lauri Särkiö (master’s thesis talk)
Local higher integrability of the parabolic p-Laplace equation
* Wednesday 08 December 2021,   12:15,   M3 (M234)
Seminar on analysis and geometry

Matteo Allaix
Introduction to Quantum Error Correction
* Wednesday 08 December 2021,   14:15,   M3 (M234)
In this seminar, we will introduce some definitions of quantum information theory in order to describe some quantum error correction algorithms. We will first define density operators and mixed state to introduce the Von Neumann entropy and some distance measures for quantum systems. After a brief review of classical error correction, we will show an example in the quantum setting.
ANTA Seminar

Marianne Honkasaari
On Optimization of the Logistics Related to Recycling of Nutrients in Wastewater Sludges (Master's thesis presentation)
Tuesday 14 December 2021,   15:00,   Zoom
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Niklas Miller
On tame lattices
Wednesday 15 December 2021,   09:30,   Zoom
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Tame lattices were introduced in 2020 by Mantilla-Soler and Damir, to capture the key properties of lattices arising from tame abelian number fields of either prime degree or conductor, via the Minkowski embedding. Families of well-rounded sublattices of tame lattices were constructed to generalize the observations of Costa et al., that certain submodules of the ring of integers of tame number fields of odd prime degree produce well-rounded lattices. Later the packing density of well-rounded tame sublattices was characterized and it was also noted that they are either generic well-rounded or similar to the root lattice A_n. Tame well-rounded sublattices closely resemble nearly orthogonal lattices, which have a basis of ”almost orthogonal vectors”. In a 2020 paper by Fukshansky et al., nearly orthogonal well-rounded lattices were studied in more detail, and it was shown that they are, among other things, not local maxima to the sphere packing density function.
ANTA Seminar

Perttu Saarela
On coding theory and private information retrieval: A new robust scheme for Reed–Muller codes (MSc thesis presentation)
Friday 17 December 2021,   12:00,   M3 (M234) and Zoom
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ANTA Seminar

Okko Makkonen
New schemes for secure distributed matrix multiplication (MSc thesis presentation)
Friday 17 December 2021,   13:00,   M3 (M234) and Zoom
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ANTA Seminar

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