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Matrix Algebra MOOC 2016

Aalto MOOC on Matrix algebra is starting on January 2016. This open online course follows the first year engineering students' Matrix algebra course at Aalto University.

MOOC stands for Massive Open Online Course. Such courses are open and free for all to participate. Typically MOOC has thousands of participants, and studying takes place in e-learning environment. MOOC can be participated according to a time table provided by the course organizer. This way students can easily interact via e-learning environment while studying various topics. Naturally MOOC can also be studied by student's own schedule.

Matrix algebra MOOC requires no previous studies on university mathematics. High school math on vector calculus (course MAA5 on Finnish curriculum) or similar knowledge is sufficient prerequisite. In this course you learn to present and solve linear equations with matrix notations, perform basic arithmetical operations with matrixes, and matrix decompositions and their use in various applications.

The course will be held in Finnish.

More information in Finnish

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