Department of Mathematics and Systems Analysis

Department of Mathematics and Systems Analysis

The five main research areas of the Department are: algebra and discrete mathematics; analysis; numerical analysis and inverse problems; stochastics and statistics; systems analysis and operations research. We offer major and minor studies at the bachelor's and master's level and provide doctoral research training. Our graduates have been recruited by universities, research institutes, governmental agencies as well as companies in the financial, energy and transportation sectors, for instance.


26.9. 10:15  David Adame-Carrillo (Aalto University): A logCFT on the lattice: Discrete symplectic fermions on double dimers – M3 (M234)

27.9. 10:15  Theo Elenius: Regularity for nonhomogeneous variational problems on metric measure spaces – M3 (M234)

27.9. 13:00  Kalle Alaluusua (Aalto University): Community recovery in sparse random graphs – M240

27.9. 13:30  Aleksi Avela (Aalto University): On Imbalanced Data and Text Classification – M240

28.9. 14:15  Prof. Vitezslav Kala (Charles University): Universal quadratic forms and Northcott property of infinite number fields – M3 (M234)

3.10. 10:15  Gaétan Leclerc (Sorbonne Universite): – M3 (M234)

3.10. 10:15  Shinji Koshida (Aalto University): TBA – M3 (M234)

4.10. 10:15  Nenad Teofanov (University of Novi Sad, Serbia): An introduction to localization operators – M3 (M234)

5.10. 14:15  Seyma Bodur (U. Valladolid): Single-server private information retrieval with codes over rings – M3 (M234)

10.10. 10:15  Mikhail Basok (University of Helsinki): TBA – M3 (M234)

11.10. 10:15  Matilde Costa: BV capacity and Hausdorff content – M3 (M234)

18.10. 16:15  Heather Macbeth (Fordham University): TBA (Finnish Mathematical Society online colloquium) – TBA

19.10. 14:15  Dr. Jacques Benatar (U. Helsinki): TBA – M3 (M234)


Xinwei Lin 1.11.2022–6.11.2023

Angelina Senchukova (LUT School of Engineering Science) 17.1.2023–31.1.2024

Shreepad Agrawal (Indian Institute of Science Education and Research) 26.6.–15.12.

Shreepad Agrawal (Indian Institute of Science Education and Research) 26.6.–15.12.

Luana Mesquita Carrilho 1.9.–31.10.

Seyma Bodur (University of Valladolid) 15.9.–13.12.

Vítězslav Kala 27.9.–2.10.

Gaétan Leclerc 30.9.–7.10.

Xinwei Lin 1.10.–6.11.

Nenad Teofanov (University of Novi Sad) 1.10.–6.10.

Ariel Rapaport (Technion, Haifa) 7.10.–11.10.

Mikko Parviainen (Jyväskylän yliopisto) 9.10.–12.10.

Erika Roldan 9.10.–12.10.


Aalto Math Camp

20. August 2023
Aalto Math Camp is back!!
6 - 8.10.2023

For lukio students.
Follow this link for more info and registration (deadline 22.9).

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