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Latest publications

Nagy, Stanislav, Helander, Sami, van Bever, Germain, Viitasaari, Lauri, Ilmonen, Pauliina: Flexible integrated functional depths, BERNOULLI. 27(1), 2021, p. 673-701.

Cheng, Minquan, Li, Jie, Tang, Xiaohu, Wei, Ruizhong: Linear Coded Caching Scheme for Centralized Networks, IEEE Transactions on information theory. 14(8), 2021.

Barreal, Amaro, Damir, Mohamed Taoufiq, Freij-Hollanti, Ragnar, Hollanti, Camilla: An approximation of theta functions with applications to communications, SIAM Journal on Applied Algebra and Geometry. 4(4), 2021, p. 471-501.

Tanaka, Makoto, Chen, Yihsu, Siddiqui, Afzal S.: Regulatory jurisdiction and policy coordination A bi-level modeling approach for performance-based environmental policy, Journal of the Operational Research Society., 2021.

Fälth, H. Ek, Atsmon, D., Reichenberg, L., Verendel, V.: MENA compared to Europe The influence of land use, nuclear power, and transmission expansion on renewable electricity system costs, Energy Strategy Reviews. 33, 2021.

Lavauzelle, Julien, Tajeddine, Razane, Freij-Hollanti, Ragnar, Hollanti, Camilla: Private Information Retrieval Schemes With Product-Matrix MBR Codes, IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON INFORMATION FORENSICS AND SECURITY. 16, 2021, p. 441-450.

Mostafaei, Hossein, Castro, Pedro M., Oliveira, Fabricio, Harjunkoski, Iiro: Efficient Formulation for Transportation Scheduling of Single Refinery Multiproduct Pipelines, EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF OPERATIONAL RESEARCH., 2020.

Upadhaya, Brijesh, Rasilo, Paavo, Perkkiö, Lauri, Handgruber, Paul, Benabou, Abdelkader, Belahcen, Anouar, Arkkio, Antero: Alternating and Rotational Loss Prediction Accuracy of Vector Jiles-Atherton Model, JOURNAL OF MAGNETISM AND MAGNETIC MATERIALS., 2020.

Candiani, Valentina, Darde, Jeremie, Garde, Henrik, Hyvönen, Nuutti: Monotonicity-Based Reconstruction of Extreme Inclusions in Electrical Impedance Tomography, SIAM JOURNAL ON MATHEMATICAL ANALYSIS. 52(6), 2020, p. 6234–6259.

Liesiö, Juuso, Salo, Ahti, Keisler, Jeffrey M., Morton, Alec: Portfolio Decision Analysis: Recent developments and future prospects, EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF OPERATIONAL RESEARCH., 2020.

Boffi, Daniele, Gardini, Francesca, Gastaldi, Lucia: Approximation of PDE eigenvalue problems involving parameter dependent matrices, CALCOLO. 57(4), 2020.

Hakula, Harri: Adaptive reference elements via harmonic extensions and associated inner modes, COMPUTERS AND MATHEMATICS WITH APPLICATIONS. 80(11), 2020, p. 2272-2288.

Rantanen, Pirjo Liisa, Keinänen-Toivola, Minna M., Ahonen, Merja, González-Martínez, Alejandro, Mellin, Ilkka, Vahala, Riku: Decreased natural organic matter in water distribution decreases nitrite formation in non-disinfected conditions, via enhanced nitrite oxidation, Water Research. 9, 2020.

Auscher, Pascal, Bortz, Simon, Egert, Moritz, Saari, Olli: Non-local Gehring Lemmas in Spaces of Homogeneous Type and Applications, JOURNAL OF GEOMETRIC ANALYSIS. 30(4), 2020, p. 3760-3805.

Raittinen, Paavo, Niemistö, Kati, Pennanen, Erika, Syvälä, Heimo, Auriola, Seppo, Riikonen, Jarno, Lehtimäki, Terho, Ilmonen, Pauliina, Murtola, Teemu: Circulatory and prostatic tissue lipidomic profiles shifts after high-dose atorvastatin use in men with prostate cancer, Scientific Reports. 10(1), 2020.

Aalto, Atte, Viitasaari, Lauri, Ilmonen, Pauliina, Mombaerts, Laurent, Gonçalves, Jorge: Gene regulatory network inference from sparsely sampled noisy data, Nature Communications. 11(1), 2020.

Alam, Sadaf, E. Moula, Md.Munjur, Lahdelma, Risto: Social acceptability of using low carbon building: a survey exploration, International Journal of Sustainable Energy. 39(10), 2020, p. 951-963.

Li, Xiangli, Wang, Haichao, Wu, Xiaozhou, Duanmu, Lin, Teppo, Esa, Lahdelma, Risto, Li, Ji, Yu, Li: Analysis on the Thermal Balance and Operational Parameters for the District Heating System with Peak Load Boilers in Heating Substations, Energies. 13(23), 2020.

Gilani, H., Sahebi, H., Oliveira, Fabricio: Sustainable sugarcane-to-bioethanol supply chain network design A robust possibilistic programming model, APPLIED ENERGY. 278, 2020.

Lindgren, Jussi: Efficient Markets and Contingent Claims Valuation: An Information Theoretic Approach, ENTROPY. 22(11), 2020.


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