Department of Mathematics and Systems Analysis


Workshop on

Probabilistic Field Theories

June 17-19, 2024

Aalto University, Finland

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Registered participants

   Family name First name(s) Affiliation Country
  Abuzaid Osama Aalto University Finland
  Amstrong Scott Courant Institute at NYU USA
  Barrera Gerardo University of Helsinki Finland
  Basok Mikhail University of Helsinki Finland
  Berestycki Nathanaël University of Vienna Austria
  Bou-Rabee Ahmed Cornell University USA
  Brummet Luis Aalto University Finland
  Carrance Ariane École Polytechnique, Paris France
  Cerclé Baptiste EPFL Switzerland
  Chandra Ajay Imperial College London UK
  Garban Christophe Université Lyon 1 France
  Gordina Maria University of Connecticut USA
  Hughes Liam Aalto University Finland
  Immonen Johanna Aalto University Finland
  Kieran Ryan Aalto University Finland
  Kupiainen Antti University of Helsinki Finland
  Kuusi Tuomo University of Helsinki Finland
  Kytölä Kalle Aalto University Finland
  Laarne Petri University of Helsinki Finland
  Linna Riku Aalto University Finland
  Lohi Heikki University of Helsinki Finland
  Otsetova Anna-Mariya Aalto University Finland
  Park Minjae University of Chicago USA
  Pasqui Emanuele University of Padua Italy
  Peltola Eveliina Aalto University / University of Bonn Finland / Germany
  Roussillon Julien Aalto University Finland
  Singh Harprit Imperial College London UK
  Tian Yi University of Bonn Germany
  Tölle Jonas Aalto University Finland
  Varis Heikki-Pekka University of Helsinki Finland
  Vättö Joonas Aalto University Finland
  Vihko Sami University of Helsinki Finland
  Webb Christian University of Helsinki Finland
  Wolfram Catherine MIT USA
  Yadav Anand Kumar

Shishu Niketan Model Sr. Sec. School



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