Matlab course 1, basics

Oct-Nov 2016
Heikki.Apiola'at', Juha.Kuortti'at'

Matlab/Octave guides:
- Introduction to Octave, Univ. of Cambridge
- YAGTOM, Yet Another Guide to Matlab

In Finnish
- Matlab miniopas
- Lyhyt Matlab opas
- "YAGTOM" muokattu ja osin suometettu

- MATLAB Tutorials
- Matlab Central: Blogs
- find-exercise, find, min/max
- Data Fitting with MATLAB
- Global minimization

Open courseware
- MIT material
- Berkeley

- D.J. Higham- N.J. Higham: Matlab Guide, Siam 2017 Brand new edition!
- m-files for the book
- W.J. Palm: Intro to MATLAB for Engineers, Mc Graw Hill, 2011

Front page of Matlab 2

Course news [update: 10.01.2017]    Happy New Year !

Afternotes for Matlab 1

2016 course-time stuff starts here.

  • Juha's impressive scripts from 9.11.
  • 111 most important Matlab functions (pp. 1,2) Higham-Higham: Matlab Guide
  • 111 most important ... (pp. 3,4,5)
    Updates: hist -> histogram, quadl -> integral
  • Added 8.11: MonteCarlo_Triangle [Helps in problem #5]
  • NEW: The irrigation channel-template I showed in the end of lecture today had no read permission,
    now corrected [mo 7.11.]
  • Lecture task solutions: Scroll down to find links to both html (published) and m-file.
  • Dead-line for submitting solutions to problems: 2.12.
  • Submit: m-file/m-files + pdf produced by >> publish('mymfile','pdf')
    Please take this template as a basis for your work.
  • Please don't use live editor for program development, it is clearly not meant for it. If you want to produce a high-quality document for your own joy, take the above "publish-formatted" m-file, import it into live editor and export as pdf.

Cleve Moler's 2 free books+mfiles and recent article

#1. Overview, getting started, basic intro [31.10.16]

Scalars | Files | Arrays | Graphics, plotting | Scripts, publish |
Linear systems of equations | Polynomials | Functions

Matlab (live) documents:
Files of type .mlx (or .m) can and should be loaded into Matlab.

Help intro, pdf | Help intro, mlx | 2Dplots, pdf | 2Dplots, mlx |

Problems, lecture-tasks:

#2. Functions, programming, logical indexing,3Dplot [2.11.]

Full set of exercises (all "credt" tasks included)
Dead-line for submitting "credit-exercises": 2.12.16


Functions(cont.) | Relational, logical, control flow (Berkeley) | Control flow (for) Berkeley |

m-files, worksheets

Newton Bad (html) | Newton Bad (m) | meshscript.html | meshscript.m | plot3d.html | plot3d.m | subplot-zoom (html) | subplot-zoom (m) | zerointeractive.m | Some more example-m-files

#3. Curve fitting, logical indexing, codes and advice related to exercises [7.11.]

Interpolation, curve fitting
Excercise related material

#4. Summary, Adv. Logical indexing, cell arrays and structs, Matlab performance, some fancy examples [9.11.]