Help keywords

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HELP topics:

ops                - Operators and special characters.
winfun             - Windows Operating System Interface Files (COM/DDE)
winfun/NET          - Using .NET from within MATLAB
demos               - Examples.
lang                - Programming language constructs.
polyfun             - Interpolation and polynomials.
timefun             - Time and dates.
elmat               - Elementary matrices and matrix manipulation.
strfun              - Character strings.
randfun             - Random matrices and random streams.
helptools           - Help commands.
guide               - Graphical user interface design environment
graph2d             - Two dimensional graphs.
graph3d             - Three dimensional graphs.
graphics            - Handle Graphics.
plottools           - Graphical plot editing tools 
scribe              - Annotation and Plot Editing.
specgraph           - Specialized graphs.
uitools             - Graphical user interface components and tools
toolbox/local       - General preferences and configuration information.
specfun             - Specialized math functions.
optimfun            - Optimization and root finding.
datafun             - Data analysis and Fourier transforms.
sparfun              - Sparse matrices.
iofun               - File input and output.
datatypes           - Data types and structures.
verctrl             - Version control.
matfun              - Matrix functions - numerical linear algebra.
funfun              - Function functions and ODE solvers.
elfun               - Elementary math functions.
codetools           - Commands for creating and debugging code
general             - General purpose commands.