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Research reports by Harri Hakula

Here are the reports authored by Harri Hakula. See the reports of all authors.

Aalto University publication series Science + Technology

ST 21/2011
Harri Hakula, Tri Quach, Antti Rasila
Conjugate function method for numerical conformal mappings   [pdf]
Received 2011-09-30 * numerical conformal mappings, conformal modulus, quadrilaterals, canonical domains * AMS 30C30, 65E05, 31A15, 30C85 * 22 pages

Helsinki University of Technology Institute of Mathematics Research Reports A

Harri Hakula, Antti Rasila, Matti Vuorinen
On moduli of rings and quadrilaterals: algorithms and experiments   [pdf][ps]
Received 2009-08-28 * conformal capacity, conformal modulus, quadrilateral modulus, hp-FEM, numerical conformal mapping * AMS 65E05, 31A15, 30C85 * 21 pages
Ville Havu, Harri Hakula, Tomi Tuominen
A benchmark study of elliptic and hyperbolic shells of revolution   [pdf][ps] abstract: [pdf][ps]
Received 2003-01-16 * shells, finite elements, benchmark * AMS 74S05, 74K25 * 15 pages

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