Department of Mathematics and Systems Analysis

Crystal Flowers in Halls of Mirrors

Exhibition artifacts 2013

Dwarwes by

  • Hannula
  • Häkkinen
  • Kivinen
  • Lindström
  • Mikkola
  • Norri

Eagles by

  • Degert
  • Eerikäinen
  • Saarela
  • SalminenWrede

Fractal City - Wood and paper

A hypothetical futuristic city, inspired by fractals and symmetry.

  • Elisa Andretti
  • Julian Ilinca
  • Henri Losoi
  • Samu Potka
  • Raine Ruoppa

Ventus Solaris - Fishing line and metal rod

A ruled surface is formed when a straight line moves through space. As if by themselves, the taut strings form a wavy structure where the density of lines increases and decreases according to the position of the viewer.

  • Tommi Itäniemi
  • Minna Kuusela
  • Lauri Loiskekoski
  • Kai Salmi
  • Johanna Strandman
  • Miika Ullakko

Innotorus - Glas fibre rods and steel cables.

Tensegrity is a rigid structure constructed of rods and ropes without the rods touching each other.

  • Otso Helenius
  • Jesper Jokilehto
  • Eero Kaarlehto
  • Juha-Matti Lappalainen
  • Pekka Lehtelä


  • Hietaniemi
  • Jaakkola
  • Klemettinen
  • Laine
  • Laurila

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