Heikki Apiola

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Docent of Mathematics, Lecturer emeritus
Aalto University (Former: Helsinki University of Technology)
School of Science
Department of Mathematics and Systems Analysis
P.O.Box 11100
Email: heikki.apiola'at'aalto.fi
Tel: +358-50-5885802
My "math and computers"-blog
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Current project
Mattie - Mathematics on the computer

Most recent course (in Finnish):
Matemaattiset ohjelmistot (Math. software) MS-E1999 (2 op.) March 2014
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Interests, activities

  • Mathematics, Functional Analysis, pure and applied
  • Computers in mathematics education and research
  • Mathematical software and numerical methods
    • Maple, Matlab
  • Music, singing in a choir
  • Tennis, skiing, canoeing, walking in the mountains, bicycling
  • Grandchildren (ages [8,6,4,3,1,1,1,0 -3]+4 (vector addition)) [Sep 2015] (total nr = 9)

Some of the important time intervals of my professional career are included here.

Recent articles and presentations

Maple-presentation (in Finnish) in software session
in Workshop for New Perspectives in Mathematics Education, Aalto University 24.10.2011

   I contribute regularly to these mathematical net-forums:

Here are some of my recent articles. In Finnish for the time being, the Intmath-articles and blogs will be translated into English, at least some of them.

  1. Solmu 1/2011: Riittääkö lämmitysöljy Calculations for an "oilstick" for a cylinder-formed container whose length and radius are unknown. Maple is made use of.
  2. April 2009: Mathematics and music (in Finnish: "Matematiikkaa ja musiikkia")
  3. Solmu 1/2008: Lukuteoriaa ja salakirjoitusta, osa 2
  4. Solmu 3/2007: Lukuteoriaa ja salakirjoitusta, osa 1
  5. Solmu 1/2007: Vektorit, matriisit, Händel ja vaalit
  6. Solmu 3/2004: Polynomials, interpolation and approximation (In Finnish)
  7. Solmu 5/1999: Matemaattista symbolien käsittelyä

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