Heikki Apiola

Home page Updated: 22.02.2022

Docent of Mathematics, Lecturer emeritus
Aalto University (Former: Helsinki University of Technology)
School of Science
Department of Mathematics and Systems Analysis
Email: heikki.apiola'at'aalto.fi
Tel: +358-50-5885802


I had a start long ago, let me get a new start in 2022
My "math"-blog, latest 15.5.2017 ( First 3 articles in Finnish )
My blog on math software, Matlab, Maple (Mainly English)

Most recent courses :
  1. Matlab "basics" [Oct 22 - Oct 31, 2018]
  2. Matlab "advanced" | Aalto Science-it [Feb. 2018]
  3. Matlab basics (in English), Aalto Scientific it [Oct-Nov 2016]
  4. Matlab for more advanced users, Parallel computing with Matlab ("Triton" cluster in use) [Nov 2016]
  5. Course material for 2012-2016-courses on Matlab and Maple
Organized material on Math software:
Mattie - Mathematics on the computer

Interests, activities

  • Mathematics, Functional Analysis, pure and applied
  • Computers in mathematics education and research
  • Mathematical software and numerical methods
    • Maple, Matlab
  • Music, singing in a choir
  • Tennis, skiing, canoeing, walking in the mountains, bicycling
  • Grandchildren (ages [8,6,4,3,1,1,1,0 -3 -5]+8 (vector addition)) [Nov 2019] (length of vector = 10)

Some of the important time intervals of my professional career are included here.

Recent articles and presentations

Maple-presentation (in Finnish) in software session
in Workshop for New Perspectives in Mathematics Education, Aalto University 24.10.2011

   I contribute regularly to these mathematical net-forums:

Here are some of my recent articles, mostly in Finnish

Scientific papers, conference talks, general articles

Books and web material on Mathematical software

Recent courses and selected older course pages (mainly in Finnish)

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