Riikka Korte

Research interests

I'm a member of Nonlinear PDE research group. My research area is mathematical analysis and nonlinear PDEs. More precisely, I'm interested in analysis on metric measure spaces and nonlinear parabolic (and ellpitic) partial differential equations (PDEs).


I'm glad to discuss possible topics for Bachelor's, Master's or doctoral thesis.

Expecially for bachelor and diploma theses, the possible topics include for example analysis on metric measure spaces, harmonic analysis (maximal functions, Muckenhoput weights, BMO), nonlinear PDEs (Sobolev spaces, nonlinear elliptic or parabolic PDEs), calculus of variations, geometric measure theory (functions of bounded variation, minimal surfaces), but also other topics in analysis can be considered.

Please come and discuss any time I'm in my office M225 or send me an email to make an appointment.

Research papers

(A link to my papers in MathSciNet)

Keep in mind that some of the downloads of the following papers are earlier versions of the final articles and therefore may differ from the journal article.

Last update: Nov 1, 2018