Mat-5.3741 Theory of Elasticity (5 cp) L


Mat-5.3741 Elastisuusteoria (5 op) L


Note! This page is outdated. From autumn 2008, course information is in Noppa.

The course deals with the mechanics of elastic solids based on the calculus on variations. The goal is to provide the foundations for understanding of the partial differential equations arising from elasticity theory and to support courses on numerical methods.



The general theory of elasticity (stress, strain, equilibrium)

An introduction to calculus of variations

The variational principles of elasticity

Thin structures (bending and torsion of beams, plates)

Dynamics of beams and plates

Elastic stability (buckling of beams and plates).


Lectures. Prof. Rolf Stenberg, Mondays 12-14 and Wednesdays 16-17

room Y313. First lecture on Monday 15.1.


Excercises. Assistant Mika Juntunen, Tuesdays 14-16 room Y313.


Literature.  Lecture notes based on material from:

Feng Kang, Shi Zhong-Ci. Mathematical theory of elastic structures

I Hlavacek, J, Necas. Mathematical theory of elastic and elasto-plastic solids.


Passing. Exam, bonus points from exercises.


Exam: Wednesday 25.4., 16-19, room Y313

Feng Kang, Shi Zhong-Ci. Mathematical theory of elastic structures


Exercise points



Rolf Stenberg

Office hour: Wednesdays 13-14, room Y317.