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Determination of electromagnetic medium from the Fresnel Surface

M.F. Dahl

The paper relies on some computations that require computer algebra. Below are Mathematica toolbooks for these computations.

Notebooks for paper

Please note: The numbering in the above notebooks follow the paper submitted for review (see above). This differs slightly from the preprint on arxiv.

Supplementary notebooks

kappaLib: A library for manipulation of electromagnetic medium

The above notebooks make use of KappaLib version 1.1, which is a collection of Mathematica routines for manipulating electromagnetic medium tensors. To install this library, first download the file onto your harddrive. Then load kappaLib into a Mathematica session by typing
If this generates an error, Mathematica can not find the file. The command Directory[] shows what directory Mathematica is currently in, and you can use SetDirectory["/user/mydir"] to change this directory.

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