Kalle Mikkola Research

Infinite-Dimensional Linear Systems, Optimal Control and Algebraic Riccati Equations

(Kalle M. Mikkola)

(Doctoral dissertation, 30 September, 2002)

  • Contents and parts in .html, .pdf, .ps; this includes the Abstract, keywords and the Preface
  • Whole monograph in a single file pdf, ps, pdf.gz, ps.gz (three volumes totaling 1059 pages)
  • Errata pdf txt
  • Review (Zentralblatt Zbl 1109.93002) pdf links
  • Opponent's statement on the thesis (Professor Ilya Spitkovsky)
  • Väitöstiedote suomeksi (information on the public defence (Oct'18, 2002), in Finnish)
  • (official copy) (exactly the same contents in a single file)

    Paperback copies submitted at request (report A452).

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    One of our main references is "Well-Posed Linear Systems" (http://www.abo.fi/~staffans/publ.htm) (in preparation), by Olof J. Staffans.

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