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Matti Lassas

This is my old homepage. My new homepage is at University of Helsinki.


Centre of Excellence:
Our research group is a part of Finnish Centre of Excellence in Inverse Problems Research. The status of Centre of Excellence is granted by Academy of Finland for the period 2006-2011.
Inverse Problems and Imaging is an international journal published by American Institute of Mathematical Sciences. I am a managing editor of the journal and hope that submission of the manuscripts are sent using the address ipiatmath.hut.fi   

Research and vita

Conferences on Inverse Problems

On theses and graduate studies

  • Those who need a topic for their Master theses or special projects, please contact me by e-mail.

  • Our research group is a part of the Finnish graduate school of Inverse problems. If you are interested to start graduate studies on inverse problems, please contact us.
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Contact information

Post address:
Institute of Mathematics
P.O.Box 1100
02015 Helsinki University of Technology

Here you can find my office:
Helsinki University of Technology, main building
Otakaari 1 M, Espoo
Room Y319

Phone: -358-9-451 3069
Mobile phone: -358-50-5674417
Fax -358-9-4513016
e-mail: Matti.Lassasathut.fi

Matti Lassas <Matti.Lassasathut.fi>