Mathematical dictionary 2006-1-24

  • Fin-Eng-Swe-Rus math dictionary (

    The above seems to be more comprehensive than my dictionary, so you can forget about the rest of this page unless you cannot find your word in the above dictionary.

  • intelligent math word search (Topi Mäenpää, OY; no Swedish).
  • Note: CSC's dictionary is no longer in the web!

    For web use, I recommend the above search engine, although its dictionary is just a subset of the version 11-3 below. The (al)most recent version of the dictionary is given below.

  • mathematical dictionary san11-3.xls (Excel worksheet).

    Additional information and other formats

    Other file formats and character sets are given below, but for older versions of the file only. Ask me for the newest version in other formats or character sets. Any corrections and significant additions are welcome.

    Version 10.0 (ISO-LATIN, text):

  • san10esr.txt 37 kt English -- Finnish -- Swedish (text)
  • san10ser.txt 37 kt Finnish -- English -- Swedish (text)

    Some older versions (1995) with different character sets:

    san8es.tex 49802 English - Finnish (TeX code)
    san6mimeesr.txt 35995 English -- Swedish -- Finnish (MIME)
    san6.ser 33177 SAN6 SER 33177 Finnish -- English -- Swedish (DOS)
    san6mimeser.txt 35995 Finnish -- English -- Swedish (MIME)

    I do not restrict the use of these dictionaries -- nor do I take any responsibility for them, nor does Johan Stén from who's provided most Swedish terms.

    Matemaattinen sanasto - mathematical dictionary - matematisk ordlista

    Kalle Mikkola <>