Professional career

Can be roughly divided into three different parts:

Years 1973 - 1981

PhD in mathematics in 1973, University of Helsinki. Theoretical studies and research in Fuctional Analysis, University of Helsinki and Helsinki University of Technology.
Student of professor Klaus Vala who started a seminar in functional analysis at the University of Helsinki in 1970. I continued running the seminar, initially together with Klaus Vala and later with some other colleagues and/or students of mine.
The seminar is still active, as you can see. )

Visits to

Years 1982 - 1993

Scientific computing, mathematical modelling, mathematical software.

Years 1993 - 2006

Years 2006 - 2042 (?)

Retired from Lecturer's job in Feb 2006. Still holding Docent's position at HUT. Still teaching at least some courses in Fall 2006 and 2008. Writing mathematical articles, experimenting with mathematical software, mathematics and music ... Growing in wisdom and childishness with 8 grandchildren.

Updated 18.11.2011