Forum Program

Below is a schedule of the conference. The abstracts are available as a pdf here: Titles/Abstracts.

The panel discussion was recorded, and is available here:

All talks will be held at Aalto University, in Room AS2 of Maarintie 8. The name of the building is "TUAS-talo", which you can use for example in Google maps to find the building. On The University Map it is building 37. See the Directions tab for a map as well, and for more detailed instructions.

On Wednesday evening, after the conference at 17:00 or later, you are free to join us at Fat Lizard for a casual social. The cost of this is not covered by the conference.

On Thursday evening at 18:30 there is the conference dinner is at Graniittilinna. See the Directions tab above for more information on the logistics. The people attending the conference dinner will be notified separately by email. Please ask the organizers if you have any questions about this.

Below, the blue slots are reserved for ingestion of knowledge, i.e. talks. Each talk is 15 minutes with 5 minutes for a transition and questions. The orange and red slots are for consumption of either caffine or nutrients, which in turn can be converted to theorems. The green slot is our panel discussion which will focus on the theme of how a mathematics doctorate is very useful outside Academia as well. Indeed, we will hear from various members with experience with companies and industry.

Time\ Date Wednesday, October 27th Thursday, October 28th Friday, October 29th
9:30 Tuomas Oikari (HY):
Commutator lower bounds
Thavamani Govindaraj (TY):
A Finite Dimensional Controller for a Flexible Satellite
9:50 Emiel Lorist (HY):
Singular stochastic integral operators
Juhani Nissilä (OY):
Fourier decay of absolutely and Hölder continuous functions with finitely or infinitely many oscillations and error analysis of their numerical Weyl fractional derivatives
10:10 Damian Dąbrowski (JY):
On measures with L^2 bounded Riesz transform: to AD regularity and beyond!
Henrik Wirzenius (HY):
The quotient Banach algebra of compact-by-approximable operators on Banach spaces
10:30-11:00 Coffee+Start Coffee Coffee
11:00 Jonas Tölle (HY):
Variability of functions, compositions and differential equations with BV-coefficients
Emil Airta (HY):
Two-weight commutator upper bounds
Zheng Zhu (JY):
Sobolev functions on cusp domains
11:20 Cintia Pacchiano (Aalto):
Existence of parabolic minimizers to the total variation flow on metric measure spaces
Jaakko Sinko (HY):
A necessary condition for compactness of commutators
Khanh Nguyen (JY):
Limits at infinity of weighted Sobolev functions
11:45-13:15 Lunch Lunch Lunch
13:15 Ekaterina Mukoseeva (HY):
Second variation techniques for stability in geometric inequalities
Aleksi Pyörälä (OY):
Covering self-similar sets by tubes
Susanna Heikkilä (HY):
Quasiregular curves of small distortion in product manifolds
13:35 Carlos Mudarra (JYU):
Differentiable extensions with uniformly continuous derivatives
Zhi-Yi Wu (OY):
Beurling dimension and singular measures
Toni Ikonen (JY):
Uniformization of metric surfaces
13:55 Gohar Aleksanyan (HY):
Quantitative homogenization of the obstacle problem
Sebastiano Nicolussi-Golo (JY):
Horizontal jet spaces on Carnot groups.
Arttu Karppinen (UTU):
Sharp growth conditions for maximal function in generalized Orlicz spaces
14:15 Saara Sarsa (HY):
Second order Sobolev-regularity of p-harmonic functions
Yu-Liang Wu (OY):
Topological entropy of shift spaces on trees
Timo Takala (Aalto):
The function space JNp
14:35-15:15 Coffee Coffee Kim Myyryläinen (Aalto): (Talk ends 14:55)
Dyadic maximal operator on the dyadic John-Nirenberg space
15:15 Emma-Karoliina Kurki (Aalto):
Characterizations of weak reverse Hölder inequalities on metric spaces
Miguel García Bravo (JY):
Bi-Lipschitz invariance of W^{1,1}- and BV-extension domains
15:00: Coffee + Closing
15:35 Maryam Samavaki (UEF):
Navier-Stokes equations on Riemannian manifolds
Ugo Bindini (JY):
Optimal Transport and Density Functional Theory
15:55 Joona Oikarinen (HY):
(Liouville) Conformal Field Theory
16:15 Nikolay Barashkov (HY):
Stochastic control in Constructive Field Theory
16:35 Recording Here
17:00-17:15 Casual Social

18:30 Conference Dinner