Travel and Logding

Helsinki can be reached by train or plane. Aalto University is easy to reach by subway from downtown Helsinki. It takes about 20 minutes from downtown, and about 1 hour from the airport to reach the University.

The train P and I take you from the airport to the main station. From there you can follow signs to the subway denoted by a big orange sign with a letter M. The subway trains leave every few minutes and the ride lasts some 10 minutes. Please confirm the direction as "Matinkylä" or "Tapiola". You should get off at "Aalto University". At the platform, it doesn't matter very much which exit you use. However, exit ``B'' will take you a bit quicker to the conference venue. Exit ``A'' is better for the hotel.

We recommend the hotel Radisson Blu Espoo since it is the closest to the conference venue and can be reached by foot. Many other convenient options exist in down town Helsinki. From there, you can easily take a metro to the university.

Lunch Options and Coffee

The coffee breaks will offer light refreshments and will be right next to the conference room.

There are a few good lunch options for you to consider:

All the lunch menus for on-campus restraurants are available here. Please do not hesitate to contact us about any questions.

Conference dinner and Casual Social

On Wednesday, we have a casual social. This starts around 17:00, or freely any time after this, you can come to Fat Lizard, which is quite close to the conference venue. This is a casual social, and the cost is up to the participants.

The conference dinner on Thursday will take place at Graniittilinna. The registered participants who requested to join the dinner have been notified about the specifics. The dinner starts at 18:30. A map to the restaurant is provided below.


We thank Matematiikan Rahasto-Foundation for supporting the event. We also acknowledge funding from the Finnish Academy, through a number of projects, which support this event.

We aim to provide funding for speakers who need it. The participants who requested funding should have been contacted directly. Please contact the organizers about any concerns with this regard.

Coronavirus disclaimer and instructions

The organizers have made a final determination that the event shall take in place normally. Barring any drastic developments, the program will go as planned. The participants at the event should observe all health and safety recommendations. We expect participants to observe the following:

We recommend that you download the EU-COVID passport via "omakanta". While the conference its self, and the casual social or dinner do not require this, some restaurants, cafes and other services may require this. Further, if you wish to stay at a bar later than midnight, you may be asked to show this proof.

Directions to the talks and dinner

The location of the conference is incredibly easy to find. In fact, the only place where you may get confused is figuring out which exit to use at the Aalto University subway stop. The talks are held in Room AS2 of Maarintie 8, which is called "TUAS-talo". This name can be used on google maps to find the building. On The University Map it is building 37.

You should enter through the side on Maarintie. After you enter the building there will be some public hangers for coats on the first floor. Take the closest staircase (next to the restaurant). Right at the top of these stairs is hall AS2.

A map for the Conference dinner is provided here. To get there from the Conference venue, you should take the subway towards "Vuosaari/Mellunmäki" and get off at "Hakaniemi/Hagnäs". The ride takes about 20-30 minutes with walking. The restaurant is just around the corner once you get to the street level. One way is to walk towards a big round building called "ympyrätalo", turn left towards the water, and again left at the water. The restrautant should be on your left. The restaurant has a few entrances, but if you ask for Graniittilinna, then you should be directed to the right place.