My research area is mathematical analysis, more precisely, theoretical aspects of nonlinear partial differential equations. The main focus is on the regularity theory for a wide class of singular and degenerate elliptic and parabolic equations. These equations are connected to many different applications, such as diffusion in highly nonhomogeneous media and the motions of multiphased fluids in porous media. Methods from harmonic analysis are applied extensively and the research is also conducted in non-smooth contexts, ultimately in metric measure spaces.

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The group is based at Aalto University School of Science with close ties to several other Finnish and foreign universities.
In our research we rely heavily on group work and international collaboration.

Recent invited talks
Equadiff 2017 (Bratislava, Slovakia)
Harnack's Inequalities and Nonlinear Operators (Cortona, Italy, 2017)
kinnunen_cv.pages New Trends on Calculus of Variations and PDEs (Firenze-Montecatini, 2017)
Around Analysis, Domains and Mappings (Jyväskylä, Finland, 2016)

The Total Variation Flow and Related
Nonlinear Evolution Problems
(Salzburg, Austria, 2016)
Workshop on Nonlinear PDEs
(Sendai, Japan, 2016)
Analysis and Geometry in Metric
Spaces at ICMAT
(Madrid, Spain, 2015)
Congreso de la RSME 2015
(Granada, Spain, 2015)

Singular and Degenerate Evolution
Problems (Cortona, Italy, 2014)
Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations and Stochastic Methods
(Jyväskylä, Finland, 2014)
Recent Advances in Nonlinear PDE and Calculus of Variations
(Reading, U.K., 2014)
New Trends in Harmonic Analysis at ICMAT (Madrid, Spain, 2013)

Contact information

Aalto University, School of Science, Department of Mathematics and Systems Analysis
P.O. Box 11100, FI-00076 Aalto, Finland.
Phone :
+358 50 430 5757.

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