Updated: 12.12.2018

Solutions to Credit Exercises

  1. Functions F2C.m, C2F.m | Script m-file | Live script:pdf | Live script:mlx
  2. Exercise2_polyfit.m | Exercise2_polyfitLIVE.pdf | Exercise2_polyfitLIVE.mlx |
  3. Exercise3_Balltrajectory.m | Exercise3_BalltrajectoryLIVE.pdf | Exercise3_BalltrajectoryLIVE.mlx |
  4. Image/svd: Exercise4.m | Exercise4LIVE.pdf | Exercise4LIVE.mlx
  5. Exercise5_DatafitOutlier_sinusoid.m | LIVEscript.pdf| LIVEscript.mlx|
    Only one participant did this. To give some more background and to show some useful Matlab-techniques, I wrote some lecture notes on Curve fitting (perhaps to be extended in the future). If you want to study the solution you may find it helpful to have a look at:
    Lecture notes on Curve Fitting, Dec 2018, HA
    For more, see:
    Moler's LSQ-chapter
  6. Exercise6_MonteCarlo.m | LIVEscript.pdf | LIVEscript.mlx |
  7. Nobody did, so let's keep this secret.
Note: Contrary to my recommendation, instead of using "publish", I saved the scripts as Live scripts (save as, choose .mlx). Writing the m-file in the form that is good for "publish", you avoid studying the Live script editing. But I found it useful to rename the live script differently, so I appended "LIVE" to the names. (Otherwise there will be an awkward "shadowing" effect.) The resulting .pdf (and Matlab-readable .mlx) is a bit nicer than with "publish", especially the math formulas are "LaTeX-quality".