Julian Weigt

portrait of me I am currently a doctoral student in mathematics. My supervisor is Juha Kinnunen of the NPDE-group of Aalto University in Espoo, Helsinki region, Finland.


email: firstname.lastname@aalto.fi
physical mail address: Aalto University
Department of Mathematics and Systems Analysis
P.O. Box 11100
FI-00076 Aalto
visiting address: Room M241
Otakaari 1

Current Teaching

MS-E1280 - Measure and Integral 10/2020-12/2020 head assistant

Former Teaching at Aalto University

MS-E1992 - Harmonic Analysis 04/2020-05/2020 head assistant
MS-A0311 - Differential and integral calculus 3 02/2020-04/2020 head assistant
MS-E1280 - Measure and Integral 10/2019-12/2019 head assistant
MS-A0311 - Differential and integral calculus 3 04/2019-06/2019 head assistant
MS-C1350 - Partial Differential Equations 09/2018-12/2018 head assistant


I currently work on regularity properties of maximal operators. I am also generally interested in harmonic analysis.


J. Weigt, Endpoint Solobev Bounds for the Uncentered Fractional Maximal Function preprint
J. Weigt, Variation of the dyadic maximal Function. arXiv preprint
2020 J. Weigt, Variation of the uncentered maximal characteristic Function. arXiv, preprint
J. P. Ramos, O. Saari, J. Weigt, Weak differentiability for fractional maximal functions of general Lp functions on domains. Adv. Math. 368 (2020), 107144, 25 pp. arXiv, journal article mathscinet
2019 J. Weigt, Almost-orthogonality of restricted Haar functions. Proc. Amer. Math. Soc. 148 (2020), no. 2, 601-609. arXiv, preprint, mathscinet
2018 Master's Thesis: Almost-Orthogonality of Restricted Haar Functions download,
download updated



Software I like

Using Git with LaTeX (like this) Git is useful for collaborating on and keeping track of versions of a text file-based project, such as a math paper written in LaTeX.
Asymptote For creating vector graphics. Typesets labels and equations in LaTeX. Is text file based and can thus be well managed using git.
Vim,Vis Purely keyboard controlled text editors
dwm A simple keyboard controlled window manager
Luakit, Qutebrowser Keyboard controlled web browsers
Linux, Arch Linux Open source operating systems
Postmarket OS An (alpine) linux-based open source operating system for smartphones, meant to support in particular devices whose manufacturer has dropped support for.
Matrix A messaging protocol. Competes with whatsapp, telegram, facebook chat, etc. It is federated, meaning that it does not rely on a single host, but that everyone can run their own server and the servers communicate with each other; in that respect comparable to email.
Touch typing A systematic way of typing on the computer keyboard without sight
Neo A supposedly more ergonomic keyboard layout with many layers. Has comfortably placed programming characters like \,(,),{,}, a numblock and keys like arrows and backspace. Also types greek letters and mathematical symbols like ℕ,ℝ,∫. Optimized for touch typing.
thebestmotherfucking.website A simply designed website
st A simple terminal
zathura, feh, gomuks more purely keyboard controlled programs