The Mathematical Foundations of Conformal Field Theory and Related Topics

A conference in honor of Yi-Zhi Huang.


[Warning! Scammers are targeting our conference. A number of participants have received phone calls requesting credit card information for the hotel booking. Under no cricumstance give this information. The conference has no fees and we will not request any such credit card information.]

The conference will take place June 10 - 14, 2019, at the Chern Institute of Mathematics, Nankai University. It will feature invited lectures on a broad range of topics related to conformal field theory.

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Invited Speakers Include

Dražen Adamović (Zagreb)
Tomoyuki Arakawa (Kyoto)
Scott Carnahan (Tsukuba)
Ante Čeperić (Zagreb)
Yun Gao (York, Canada)
Naoki Genra (Alberta)
Bin Gui (Rutgers)
Sashank Kanade (Denver)
Yasu Kawahigashi (Tokyo)
Kalle Kytölä (Aalto)
Simon Lentner (Hamburg)
James Lepowsky (Rutgers)
Haisheng Li (Rutgers)
Si Li (Tsinghua)
Robert McRae (Vanderbilt)
Sven Moeller (Rutgers)
Veronika Pedić (Zagreb)
Eveliina Peltola (Geneva)
Fei Qi (Yale)
David Ridout (Melbourne)
Ingo Runkel (Hamburg)
Yucai Su (Tongji)
Katrin Wendland (Freiburg)
Simon Wood (Cardiff)
Siye Wu (National Tsing Hua)
Xiao Zhang (Institute of Mathematics, CAS, Beijing)
Hongbo Zhao (Sun Yat-Sen)

Invited Participants Include

Darlayne Addabbo (Notre Dame)
Xiongwei Cai (Nankai)
Ling Chen (UCAS - Beijing)
Francesco Fiordalisi (Bloomberg LP)
Benedikt Hurle (Nankai)
Jinting Liang (Nankai)
Xuguang Liu (Nankai)
Lyda (Pam) Urresta (Notre Dame)
He Xiao (Sun Yat-Sen)
Yi Tao (Nankai)

Travel Info


Jiayuan Hotel (Guest House of Chern Institute) Nankai University, 94 Weijin Road, Tianjin. Tel.: +86 22 2350 8089 (in Chinese) +86 22 2350 8228 (in English)

For invited participants, a room will be booked for you by the Chern Institute. The default dates are June 9 - 15.


The lectures will take place in the Shiing-Shen Building (Chern Institute of Mathematics). It is a very short walk from the Jiayuan Hotel.


Chern Institute and Jiayuan Hotel (click to enlarge)
Walking to the Chern Institute (click to enlarge)


For the purposes of obtaining a travel visa, the Chern Institute will issue you with an invitation. An email concerning this was sent in early March.



List of Participants

Participant List


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This conference is sponsored in part by the Chern Institute of Mathematics.


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