Kalle M. Mikkola (up)

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Contact information:


Address:	Kalle Mikkola
		Helsinki University of Technology
		Institute of Mathematics
		Box 1100
		02015 HUT

Street address:	Otakaari 1 M, Room Y327
		(the main building of HUT)
Tel:		+358 9 451 3075
Fax:		+358 9 451 3070 (or 3016)
Mobile:		+358 40 754 5660
Skype: 		kallemik   (skype being on does not mean that I'm there)
Email:		Kalle.Mikkola@iki.fi
www:                     http://www.math.hut.fi/~kmikkola/

Email and mobile phone are the best ways to reach me. Usually you should reach me equally well from both @hut and @iki addresses, both at work and at home. Please resend your message if I do not react quickly enough. If you leave the subject field empty (or use typical spam words or many links with little text), there is a higher risk that the local anti-spam robot prevents me from seeing your email.

Home:		Nokitontunkuja 2 C 19
		02200 Espoo
Tel:		+358 9 859 6464
Mobile:		+358 40 754 5660

		(replace "+358" by "0" when calling inside Finland)
How to find Nokitontunkuja 2 C 19? (in Finnish)
Latest update: 2005-6-14