Kalle M. Mikkola (up)

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Address (home):
Kalle Mikkola
Kotitontuntie 30 C
02200 Espoo
Mobile phone:	+358 40 754 5660   (usually off when I'm sleeping)

		(replace "+358" by "0" in Finland)
How to find Tontunmäentie 17-23 as. 30? (in Finnish)
HUT: Main building (Otakaari 1 M), Room Y327, +358 9 451 3075
Mobile:		+358 40 754 5660
Skype: 		kallemik   (skype being "on" does not mean that I'm there, but you may try)
Email:		Kalle.Mikkola@iki.fi
www:                     http://www.math.hut.fi/~kmikkola/

Email and mobile phone are the best ways to reach me. Most of my old email addresses work as well but this iki.fi address is the quickest one, sometimes strictly.
Please, resend your message if I do not react quickly enough. If you leave the subject field empty (or use typical spam words or many links with little text), my anti-spam robot might catch your email.

Latest update: 2007-3-5