Kirsi Peltonen

Kirsi Peltonen

Aalto University

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Research intrests

Differential geometry and applications

Contact and symplectic geometry

On contact structures and their relation to low-dimensional topology see:

Quasiregular mappings

On the dynamics of the counterparts of planar rational mappings see:


Jointly with Gaven Martin we have constructed uqr-mappings whose Fatou set has infinitely many components. See a rough idea of the first generations of the Julia set produced by Antti Rasila .

Teaching in differential geometry

All the courses below and much more can be studied independently. Please contact me for further details. other courses

Supervised PhDs at HUT

  • Phil. Lic Laura Astola 2009

  • PhD Students: Tony Liimatainen

    Forthcoming events

  • XXIInd Rolf Nevanlinna Colloquium at Helsinki, August 2013 (see also: XXIst Rolf Nevanlinna Colloquium at Kyoto, September 2009)

    Organized conferences

  • Lars Ahlfors Centennial Celebration
  • Quasiweekend

    Evaluation of Finnish Mathematics 2000 by the Finnish Academy

  • Geometric Analysis at HUT: Pekka Alestalo and Kirsi Peltonen
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