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Current topics and group

Current research topics

Energy systems optimisation

Applications of optimisation under uncertainty techniques to represent the evolution of energy systems and devise policy and decision making support to foster the adoption of low-carbon energy production. Some problems include:

  • Infrastucture expansion planning under uncertainty
  • Scenario generation and uncertainty representation
  • Efficient methods for market equilibrium problem

Inventory control using stochastic programming

Combining traditional inventory control theory with the flexibility of stochastic programming we are able to address more general settings. Some ideas we have been exploring:

  • Modelling of alternative control policies
  • Incorporating aspect such as perishability, leasd times, pooling effects, etc.
  • Development of decomposition methods

Emergency Response, Humanitarian Logistics and Healthcare Planning

Investigating how we can use operations research to ultimately save lives. Challenges include:

  • Pre-location of emergency response supplies
  • Distribution of bednets to fight Malaria
  • Drug inventory routing
  • Blood units/ platelets inventory management

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Traditional methods for solving inventory control problems have their roots in tools such as queueing theory and dynamic programming. …

Mixed-integer quadratically constrained quadratic program- ming (MIQCQP) is a general class related to several impor- tant problems …

In this talk, we will present the development of a novel decomposition approach for mixed-integer stochastic programming (SMIP) …

Recent Publications

More Publications

(2019). Two-stage stochastic programming approach for the medical drug inventory routing problem under uncertainty. Computers & Industrial Engineering.


(2018). A robust optimization model for the maritime inventory routing problem. Flexible Services and Manufacturing Journal.


(2018). Robust optimization of the insecticide-treated bed nets procurement and distribution planning under uncertainty for malaria prevention and control. Annals of Operations Research.


(2018). Optimizing Workover Rig Fleet Sizing and Scheduling Using Deterministic and Stochastic Programming Models. Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research.


(2018). Combining penalty-based and Gauss-Seidel methods for solving stochastic mixed-integer problems. International Transactions in Operational Research.




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