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Mat-1.150 Real Analysis (4 credits), Fall 2004

Course is intended for math students and also for students of all areas of technology who need measure and integration theory for studying partial differential equations or probability theory.

Prerequirements: Mat-1.015 Principles of Modern Analysis (ModA) is almost necessary; Mat-1.140 Principles of Functional Analysis (FAP) helps but you can well do without it.

Contents: Lebesgue integration, L^p spaces, measure theory, differentiation, and Fourier transform.

Lectures: We 12--14 and Fri 12--4, U345 (starting. 19.9.2004.), professor Matti Lassas e-mail:, Y319, p. 451 3069 .
Exercises: We 14--16 U345 Asistent Niko Marola, e-mail:, U341, p. 451 3039 .

Book: Walter Rudin: Real And Complex Analysis.


Matti Lassas
Niko Marola

Updated 8.9.2004