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I received my PhD from Aalto University in April 2016. My advisor was Juha Kinnunen, the research group "Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations". Starting from September 2017, I work at the University of Bonn (research group Analysis and partial differential equations).

My research is in the interface of harmonic analysis and PDE. My doctoral thesis was about parabolic PDE and weighted norm inequalities. I have also worked on (parabolic) nonlinear potential theory and regularity of maximal functions.


Research interests

harmonic analysis, partial differential equations

Research papers

  1. P. Auscher, S. Bortz, M. Egert and O. Saari, Non-local self-improving properties: a functional analytic approach, submitted.
  2. P. Auscher, S. Bortz, M. Egert and O. Saari, Non-local Gehring lemmas, submitted.
  3. P. Auscher, S. Bortz, M. Egert and O. Saari, On regularity of weak solutions to parabolic systems, submitted.
  4. O. Saari and C. Thiele, Lipschitz linearization of the maximal hyperbolic cross multiplier, submitted.
  5. O. Saari, Poincaré inequalities for the maximal function, submitted.
  6. O. Saari, Parabolic BMO and the forward-in-time maximal operator, submitted.
  7. P. Hagelstein, I. Parissis and O. Saari, Sharp inequalities for one-sided Muckenhoupt weights, Collect. Math. (link).
  8. B. Avelin and O. Saari, Characterizations of interior polar sets for the degenerate p-parabolic equation, J. Evol. Equ. 17 (2017), 827-848.
  9. J. Kinnunen and O. Saari, On weights satisfying parabolic Muckenhoupt conditions, Nonlinear Anal. 131 (2016), 289-299.
  10. R. Korte, N. Marola and O. Saari, Homeomorphisms of the Heisenberg group preserving BMO, Arch. Math. (Basel) 106 (2016), 175-182.
  11. J. Kinnunen and O. Saari, Parabolic weighted norm inequalities and partial differential equations, Anal. PDE. 9 (2016), 1711-1736.
  12. O. Saari, Parabolic BMO and global integrability of supersolutions to doubly nonlinear parabolic equations, Rev. Mat. Iberoam. 32 (2016), 1001-1018.
  13. N. Marola and O. Saari, Local to global results for spaces of BMO type, Math. Z. 282 (2016), 473-484.
Doctoral Thesis (2016), Weights arising from parabolic partial differential equations, Advisor: Juha Kinnunen.
Master's Thesis (2013), Lokaalista globaaliin -tuloksia John-Nirenberg-epäyhtälöille, in Finnish.


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