1. Master’s courses, Spring 2019

Department of Mathematics and Systems Analysis, Aalto University

  1. Period III

  1. Period IV

  1. Period V

MS-E1000 - Crystal Flowers in Halls of Mirrors: Mathematics meets Art and Architecture

MS-E1600 - Probability theory

MS-E1602 - Large random systems

MS-E1653 - Finite element method

MS-E1654 - Computational inverse problems

MS-E1687 - Advanced topics in cryptography V

MS-E1991 - Calculus of Variations 

MS-E1994 - Introduction to R programming

MS-E1994 - Introduction to R programming

MS-E1995 Applications of Coding Theory in Security (Hollanti)  

MS-E1998  - Commutative Algebra (Mateusz Michalek)

MS-E2112 - Multivariate statistical analysis

MS-E2117 - Riskianalyysi

MS-E2134 - Decision making and problem solving

MS-E2148 - Dynamic optimization

MS-E2170 - Simulation (V)

MS-E2177 - Seminar on Case Studies in Operations Research (V)  (periods III  - V)