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Analysis and PDE seminars at Aalto

Harmonic analysis and PDE seminar

As of January 2016, we are launching a joint seminar of the Harmonic Analysis group at the University of Helsinki, and the Nonlinear PDE group at the Aalto University.

Starting from fall 2017, we have a new concept for the joint seminar. The seminar is held once in 3 weeks but with two one-hour talks. The time is the same as before Fridays at 14-16. The place alternates between the University of Helsinki Kumpula Campus (Exactum room C124) and the Aalto University Otaniemi Campus (Main Building room M3).

The schedule for the fall 2017:

  • 29.9. (Kumpula)
  • 20.10. (Otaniemi)
  • 10.11. (Kumpula)
  • 1.12. (Otaniemi)

Everyone interested is welcome!

Organizers of the seminar:

See the webpage of the seminar. The talks are listed in the end of this page as well.

Analysis and geometry seminar

Analysis and geometry seminar is held usually on Wednesdays at 12-14 in M3.

Organizers of the seminar:


  • 22.11. 12:15  Taneli Luotoniemi (Aalto University): Hyperspatial Intuitions Through Visual Props – M3 (M234)

    Four-dimensional space is a mathematical thought experiment of adding an extra spatial dimension perpendicular to our three dimensions of length, height and width. Originating in philosophy and mathematically formulated in geometry, the concept has evoked interpretations not only in theoretical physics and visual arts, but also in occultism and science fiction. Research on its properties is made possible by generalizing the methods acquired by studying more familiar spaces of lower dimensions. Just as 3-dimensional structures can be drawn, unfolded, sliced, photographed, or otherwise flattened onto a planar medium like paper or computer screen, these techniques can be generalized to produce 3D manifestations of various 4-dimensional structures. These objects provide a sensuous access to a provokingly counter-intuitive, but nevertheless logically consistent concept rich with scientific, historical and poetic significance.

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