Department of Mathematics and Systems Analysis

Research groups

Basic courses 

If you are interested in studying analysis and/or PDE's, the following every year lectured courses are strongly recommended:

Advanced courses

Advanced courses can also be taken as a self study package. Contents will be discussed individually. The course material may consist of lecture notes, books, research papers and regular appointments with the instructor. The grading is based on homework assignments, seminar presentations, home or oral exams. 


Bachelor, master's and doctoral theses

There are plenty of research topics for bachelor, master's and doctoral theses in the fields of harmonic analysis (maximal functions, Muckenhoupt weights, Calderon-Zygmund theory, BMO), NPDEs (Sobolev spaces, nonlinear parabolic equations, porous medium equation, fractional PDEs), the calculus of variations (minimizers and quasiminimizers for elliptic and parabolic variational problems), geometric measure theory (functions of bounded variation, minimal surfaces, variational problems with linear growth) and analysis on metric measure spaces (doubling measures, Poincare inequalities, capacities).

Please come and discuss with Juha Kinnunen and Riikka Korte or other group members for more.

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