Department of Mathematics and Systems Analysis

Crystal Flowers in Halls of Mirrors


A cross-displinary course at the Aalto University, ending with an exhibition.

Mainstreaming mathematics: make up-to-date research knowledge in geometry and low dimensional topology available to broad audience.

Who can participate?

From freshmen to PhD students from the fields of architecture, engineering, mathematics, busineess and arts. Intake is around 30 students.


The course consists of interactive lectures, reflections, group projects, essays, peer reviews, and other exercises. Course overview is available in Noppa-portal.


Themes of the course
Symmetries Thurston-Conway orbifolds Models of geometry Knots
Low dimensional topology Fractals Origamis Essays

Tiles and Repeats Origamis Origami tesselations Fold, tie and dye
Aalto sculpture Polyhedra Zometool  

Guest Lectures

Course in 2015

Course in 2013


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